Submersions I (2011)
      percussionist and submersible

I Think I Want to be Myself (2010)  listen
      recorded voices, instruments and algorithms (2010)

Fragile Cosmology (2009)
      vibraphone and pot lids

Take a Moment (2009)  listen
      computer recording

The Tree With the Lights In It (2008)
      computer recording

Moving Parts (2008)
      musical box

Under Heaven (2007)  listen
     poem by Elizabeth Frost
      computer recording

Out and In of Whack (2007)  listen
      orniphone and live electronics

Ethereal Wiggle (2007)  listen
      recorded voices

Keyboard Shortcuts (2006)  listen
      six short piano pieces

Five Choral Prayers (2006)
     poems by Marguerite Bouvard
      chorus, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin & violoncello

Piano Trio "Toboggan" (2005)
      violin, violoncello and piano

Two Chorales (2005)
      flute, oboe, clarinet, harp, violin, viola and violoncello

Listen to Ravens (2005)
      viola and piano

Walk on Bright Angel Shale (2005)
      alto saxophone and piano

Millet (2004)
      flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin & violoncello

Prelude (2003)

Sextet (2000)
      alto saxophone, bass clarinet, horn, percussion, viola and bass

Ayog (1999)
      wind band

Six Songs (1998)  listen
     poems by Emily Dickinson
      soprano voice and piano

Jeezum-Patsy-Love-a-Duck (1997)
      soprano saxophone, alto trombone and violoncello

Septet (1995)
      alto saxophone, contrabasson, flugelhorn, trombone, percussion, piano and violin

Quintet (1995)
      woodwind quintet

Ghaum (1995)
      horn and trombone

three; one more than one (1995)
      alto saxophone and organ

moqoqo (1994)  listen
      flute, bass clarinet, alto trombone and marimba

Quintet (1994)
      brass quintet

Mallova (1994)
      trombone choir